Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mock 4.0 (Final)

Well, its finally time to pick em. A lot of reading and preparing have gone into this, so i am proud to present my final mock draft. With that being said, there are a few things I would like to say before this draft goes down. First of all, people are way to low on Ricky Rubio. It seems like every sportscaster you hear is calling him all hype. The kid has "it." His floor vision, passing, and ability to run a team are off the chart; and these are skills that you cant teach. Second, I think people are way too high on Stephen Curry. To me he is nothing more than a undersized JJ Redick. We've already been through this. Underathletic guards who aren't especially proficient at handling the rock just dont have big impacts at the highest level. Im sorry, but I dont see him as much more than a seventh or eighth man. Jeff Teague, wherever he is selected will be a steal. He can flat out put it in the hoop. Midway through the season he was a top 5 pick, the only thing that has changed since then has been time. He is the real deal. Lastly, as long as the pistons take Austin Daye, Earl Clark, BJ Mullens, or a point guard, I will be fine. ok so heres the last mock:

posted 6:57
1. LAC- Blake Griffin PF Oklahoma
2. Mem- Hasheem Thabeet C UConn
3. OKC- Ricky Rubio PG Spain
4. Sac- Tyreke Evans PG
5. Min- James Harden SG Arizona State
6. Min- Johnny Flynn PG Syracuse
7. GS- Jordan Hill PF Arizona
8. NY- Stephen Curry PG Davidson
9. Tor- James Johnson SF Wake Forest
10. Mil- DeMar Derozan SG USC
11. NJ- Terrence Williams SG Louisville
12. Char- Gerald Henderson SG Duke
13. Ind- JRue Holiday G UCLA
14. Phx- Earl Clark SF Louisville
15. Det- BJ Mullens Ohio State
16. Chi- DeJuan Blair PF Pittsburgh
17. Phi- Ty Lawson PG UNC
18. Min- Sam Young F Pittsburgh
19. Atl- Brandon Jennings PG Italy
20. Ut- Tyler Hansbrough PF UNC
21. NO- Eric Maynor PG VCU
22. Por- Omri Casspi F Isreal
23. Sac- Austin Daye F Gonzaga
24. Dal- Jeff Teague PG Wake Forest
25. OKC- Chase Budinger G Arizona
26. Chi- Toney Douglass G Florida State
27. Mem- DeMarre Carroll F Missouri
28. Min- Jonas Jerebko G Sweden
29. NY- Dejuan Summers F Georgetown
30. Cle- Taj Gibson F USC

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