Friday, January 15, 2010

Fantasy Thoughts continued

A couple more things Ive been thinking of regarding next year's fantasy football season
Jermichael Finley is going to be a beast. Outside of Gates, Witten, and Clark, I'm not sure there is another Tight End I would draft in front of him.

Shonn Green is the future. If the Jets retain Thomas Jones, it will only be in a back up role, Green will get the majority of the carries for this run happy team; also as Mark Sanchez learns to pass more effectively, the run will come even easier.

Its Felix you want in Dallas. Its been a tough year for owners of Dallas running backs as they shuffle them through. I believe next year will be a lot better as far as that goes as Felix Jones separates himself from the pack. Thoughts of Marion Barber being an elite back are just absurd. Felix Jones is more well rounded as a back and has home run potential every time he touches the ball. He isn't a first round worthy back because of the potential time share but he is the best of the time share backs as of right now.

Beanie Wells is for real. This is a guy i really like going into next year as a potential break out candidate. He can run and catch and if he learns to pass block he will be a star.

Miles Austin is the real deal. Treat him as a number one receiver. Second round consideration.

Packers defense will be in demand next fall. They are young, fast, and talented. Grab them and don't worry about it.

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