Monday, January 4, 2010

More Fantasy Thoughts

So remember when DeAngelo Williams was the back you wanted from the Carolina backfield? Yeah those days are over. Stewart is not just good; he's great. With two backs and holes everywhere else, it makes sense for the Panthers to deal one. Either way, Stewart is a first rounder next year and DeAngelo could have value depending on where he ends up.
Jeremy Maclin could be next years DeSean Jackson. They are similar and neither are slowing down.
Justin Forsett was a midseason sleeper for next year with a string of big games. He is not anything special however moving forward, dont value him more that a straight time share back.
What to make of the Houston backfield? Foster? Slaton? Chris Breezy? My thinking here is if you can grab Foster late go for it, if not dont bother with any of them as they prefer to throw anyway.
San Francisco is going to be a more balanced team next year. They cant go from grind it out to air it out back to grind it out again. I think SF is a team on the rise and I really like everyone; especially Gore, Morgan, Crabtree, VD, and Alex Smith
Julian Edelman the next Wes Welker, maybe better, the problem is that he is on the same team as the first one, limiting his value. If he is moved, he has tremendous value.
I like Jabar Gaffney. Everyone is dismissing his performance as garbage numbers put up when Marshall was out. Well guess what, Marshall is not coming back to Denver; Gaffney will play all season without him. He showed he could be a number one in his absence, definitely a sleeper choice that could be a boom pick.

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